Marioli Italian Oil


  • Following one of our longest Harvests in history (April through to July), we’re busy planning for the highly anticipated release of our full New Season Oil Collection in mid to late October.

    A much cooler and extended summer has resulted in a dynamic range of stunningly fruit driven, herbaceous and more robust oils than in 2018 and facilitated the development of complex flavours, with distinct peppery finishes. This is great news for FOOBIES!

    This year, our Italian Varieties, like Fantoio and Leccino, have ‘stolen the show’ by displaying some of the highest quality fruit yields, which seems only fitting for our 21st Harvest and namesake.

    To celebrate, we’ve decided to keep back one of our striking Italian Oils, which is normally reserved for blending and share it exclusively with our FOOBIES as a First-Ever Release.

    It has been deemed by all at the Farm as  simply ‘Too Good to Blend’!

    “If you loved our recent ‘sell-out’ Frantoio, then you’re going to adore its more Delicate Tuscan Cousin ‘Marioli’, straight from the Groves & Exclusive to FOOBIES! “  

    Keeping in the Italian spirit,  all Orders over $95  will come with a surprise gift packet of 'Girasole' (sunflowers) to plant in your garden for Spring  -along with Free Shipping and a 10% discount.

    Marioli is a perfect dipping, dressing & finishing oil, ideal with leafy-green salads, local seafood or simply with fresh, crusty bread, Olio Bello Dukkah and a glass of vino - Saluti!

    A Limited Special Release Oil with only 200 Bottles in Production, Marioli is an exclusive Online Offer and will not be available at the Farm until 2020 (if there is any left)  Limited to 6 Bottles per person.

    10% Discount Applies for all Orders over $95. FREE SHIPPING. 

    “Marioli is a bespoke Organic Oil and a Perfect Gift for the Home Chef who has everything! “

  • Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

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